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Apprentice Electrican
Title:Apprentice Electrican
Department:Field Operations

Job Title

Apprentice Electrician

Scope of Work

Work will consist of helping Journeymen Electricians with the installation, alterations, additions, and/or repairs of electrical systems and equipment.


Assist electricians by performing installation and other tasks under their direct supervision.  Specific responsibilities include:
  1. Understand and follow all safety and work instructions.  Ask questions until you are confident that you understand how to perform the work safely.
  2. Install conduit, wire, and equipment under the supervision of a Journeyman electrician.
  3. Anticipate the needs of the Journeyman electrician and prepare tools and materials to assist in the installation.  A skilled apprentice will often be ready with the proper item before being asked.
  4. Load and unload materials from trucks.  Deliver materials to other electricians.
  5. Maintain cleanliness of worksite and tools.  Work to leave the worksite at least as clean as when we arrived to do the work.
  6. Show professionalism to the electrical trade by being punctual, prepared, neat, and reliable.  Other electricians will spend more time teaching those apprentices that show a true interest in the work and a dedication to the trade.
  7. Learn to find tasks and work on your own when your journeyman electrician gets tied up on other tasks.  You can always find something productive to do – even if it is just cleaning up and organizing materials.


  1. Current Oklahoma Apprentice Electrician License.
  2. Previous experience in electrical field (depending on apprentice classification)
  3. OSHA 10-Hour Construction Certification.
  4. High School Graduate, GED, or equivalent.
  5. Valid Driver’s License (required to operate ICO vehicles).
  6. Aerial Lift Certification (may be obtained through ICO).

Working Conditions

  1. Working locations are both indoors and outdoors.  Outdoor locations may be subject to all weather conditions.  Indoor locations may be subject to heat or cold.
  2. Restroom facilities will always be available, but may consist of portable facilities.
  3. Work from all types of ladders.
  4. Perform work at various heights from ladders, scaffolds, aerial lifts, platforms, or other areas.  ICO will provide all necessary safety training and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for working at heights.
  5. Wear PPE as required, including hard hats, safety glasses, steel toed boots, hearing protection, and other equipment.
  6. Repetitive use of arms, hands, and fingers.
  7. Able to work up to 12 hours per day, 40 hours per week, overtime and night shifts as required.


  1. Read and understand English.  Communicate with others in English as needed when performing work and safety related tasks.
  2. Read and understand electrical schematics, blueprints, and electrical manuals.
  3. Bend conduit with a variety of conduit benders.
  4. Use power tools, including band saws, drills, threaders, tuggers, and benders.
  5. Operate two-handed equipment, including cutters, drills, and saws.
  6. Capable of digging trenches either with hand tools or power equipment.
  7. Understand and comply with ICO Safety Rules.
  8. Operate and work from Aerial Lifts.
  9. Understand how to safely de-energize equipment to place it in an Electrically Safe Working Condition before performing any work.

Physical Function

  1. Must be able to bend, stoop, squat, crawl, climb, kneel, balance, push, pull, and reach overhead.
  2. Routine lifting of objects up to 50 pounds such as drills, conduit benders, pipe threaders, cable pullers, and other equipment related to the electrical trade
  3. Subject to standing or walking for long periods of time.
  4. Subject to climbing stairs, ladders, and scaffolds, and work at heights above 30 feet.
  5. Possess good vision (normal or corrected).  Be able to identify colored wires.
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